In a short matter of time people from all of around Europe will gather in Zagreb for the 5th EFFAT Congress.

People from different countries, organizations and backgrounds joining together for the benefit and future of our European federation.

Our federation consists of the different member organizations who in their turn consist of their members.

The most important for a union is the ability to attract and keep members.

In each and every country we have to asks ourselves how we can improve our ability to recruit members and recruit as many as possible.

There is power in numbers. The more we are the larger our impact becomes on politics, the labor market and society. This was true yesterday, is true today and will stay true tomorrow. The strength of our federation depends on the strength of the individual member organizations.

But strong individual member organizations are not enough. There must be a unity and coordination in our federation.

The ability to speak as one is crucial. When EFFAT speaks with one voice, EU will listen, different governments will listen, NGOs will listen. Because the voice of the many is louder than the voice of the few.

Together, in Zagreb we will not only strengthen our common voice of EFFAT. We will also decide on important strategical priorities.

These priorities are how we can build trade union power and international solidarity, create a better Europe together, ensure a sustainable future for the world of work, improve workers rights and conditions and pursue a sustainable agricultural, food and tourism policy from farm to work.

All this is not possible if we not also include the ongoing climate crisis. Humanity stands before one of the largest challenges ever. There are no jobs on a dead planet.

Sustainable jobs, working conditions, farming, food processing, everything has to be fitted in the solution of the climate crisis.

This a crisis that we not alone can solve but if we speak up, demand and show governments and companies that we have to make a change it will become reality.

I am confident that EFFAT and its affiliates can make a change and will have an important and growing part in Europe´s evolution towards sustainable work conditions and an environmental sustainability.

Together we will take the first step towards a Europe who will be more just, fair, better and sustainable.

See you in Zagreb in November!