Considering the challenges of climate change and environmental protection we will not be printing Congress documents.
If you would like a paper copy of any documents, we kindly ask you to print them yourselves and bring it with you to Congress.
Please note that some documents are machine translated with some strengths and some weaknesses as it allows us to offer some documents in more languages.

1. Opening EN
2. Constitution of the 5th Congress
a)    Election of the members of the Congress Presidium EN
b)    Adoption of the rules of procedure EN / FR / DE / IT / ES / CR
c)    Adoption of the agenda EN / FR / DE / IT / ES/ CR
d)    Confirmation of the members of the Credentials Committee EN
e)    Confirmation of the members of the Resolution Committee EN
3. Report of the Credentials Committee EN  
4. a) EFFAT Activity Report 2015-2019 EN / FR / DE
    b) Achievements EN / FR / DE / IT / ES/ CR
5. EFFAT Financial Report 2014-2018 EN / FR / DE
6. New EFFAT Statutes EN / FR / DE
7. Elections
a)    Election of the Executive Committee members based on proposals from the member organisations EN
b)    Election of the President EN
c)    Election of the two Deputy Presidents EN
d)    Election of the General Secretary EN
e)    Confirmation of the Chairpersons and their Deputies of the Sectors, the Committees and the Bureau of the Youth Committee as members of the     Executive Committee (State of affairs 06/11/2019) EN
f)     Election of the Auditing Committee members based on the recommendations of the Executive Committee. EN
8. a) Political motions and resolutions EN / FR / DE / IT / ES
    b)  Emergency motion 12 – NGG: People before profit DE / EN / FR    
    c) Recommendations Sexual Harassment and Violence at the workplace EN / DE / FR
    d) Emergency motion 13 – Democratic future of Hongkong EN
9. Introduction of the Political Framework Documents
a) EFFAT Political Framework  2020-2024 EN / FR / DE / IT / ES
b) EFFAT Action Plan 2020-2021 EN / FR / DE / IT / ES/ CR
c) Budget 2020-2021 EN / FR / DE

Extra documents

  1. Congress guide EN / FR / DE / IT / ES / CR
  2. List of participants EN  (state of affairs 17 October)
  3. List of brochures EN 
  4. Setup thematic sessions 7 November 2019 EN
  5. Demands ENFR / DEES / IT / HR